We help your season ticket holders, members and fans pay for tickets, memberships and club merchandise through their everyday spend.



Rewards4 provides the platform to enable your fans to collect points with over 4,000 retail partners as well as with our key programme and betting partners

We integrate our technology platform with your club’s ticketing and merchandising provider so that fans are easily able to redeem points for season tickets, memberships, tickets and merchandise

Our easy to use system provides ‘frictionless fulfilment’ for our retail, programme and club partners as we look after points collection, points redemption, marketing, customer service and data analysis

Rewards4 will provide your club with a platform to:
• engage with your fans through achievable and meaningful rewards leading to improved retention and less churn
• commercialise and monetise your fan base through their everyday high street spend

Rewards4 will provide you with valuable data and insights on fans’ spending behaviour away from the club

Rewards4 will deliver a great PR story for your club, your sponsors and key partners - making supporting the club cheaper and more accessible to the everyday fan